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Remaking Reproduction

The Global Politics of Reproductive Technologies

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Remaking Reproduction photo contest. We selected two photos each across four categories: best selfie, best action shot, best photo of the Murray Edwards garden, and finally best 'arty' photo. Congratulations to all our photographers!



‘A 3-parent child born in the garden. 1 selfie, captured in 1 moment, from 3 different angles.)’ Sophie A. Lewis

Sample selfie by Amarpreet Kaur


Katie Dow and Rowan

‘Enjoying the tea break in the garden after a morning of work’ Florencia Herrera


‘Fertility and infertility’ by Joyce Harper

‘Queer reproduction’ by Florencia Herrera


‘Two pro nuclear landscapes’ by Risa Cromer

‘When Species Feet’ by Risa Cromer